Diggers Exhibition

Exhibition by photographer Bill Bevan
Leverhulme Artist in Residence, Dept of Archaeology, University of Sheffield

LEAVYGREAVE RD – opposite Henderson’s Relish
Wed 7, Thurs 8, Fri 9, Tues 13, Wed 14, Thurs 15 Sept. 2011
12pm – 6pm   FREE ENTRY

Framing the Past

Archaeology is about more than discovery.

It is about framing the past, capturing moments in time and composing
them into a narrative. Composition takes a long time. First comes
fi eldwork which exposes traces of the past. More detail is provided
through cataloguing, classifi cation and analysis. The different elements
are brought together and developed into a vivid picture of life in the
past. A picture may be full of people, buildings, streets and objects.
It is the sum of individual fleeting actions and long-established

There is a symmetry between archaeology and photography.

Diggers is where the two meet.

The exhibition is the result of a year-long artistic residency by Bill
Bevan in the Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffi eld. Bill
has spent the academic year between October 2010 and September
2011 photographing archaeologists from the department at work
in the fi eld, in labs, in lecture theatres, on the streets of Sheffi eld.
He has captured the fl eeting moments of time of archaeological
research. His photography illuminates the archaeological process from
fi eldwork to dissemination of knowledge and the relationship between
archaeologists, the materials they study and their tools.

The residency and exhibition is funded by The Leverhulme Trust as part of their
Artist in Residence grant scheme.

Bill Bevan and the Department of Archaeology are grateful for the co-operation
and enthusiasm of staff and students at the department during the residency.


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