Diggers Exhibition

The final exhibition of the residency has now come to an end after a successful seven days in the Jessop West Exhibition Space.Over 160 people visited the exhibition over 7 days, 38 of these delegates at the Assembling Archaeology exhibition which was held for a day in the exhibition space.

The exhibition combined the triptych, photographic prints, a visual poem, time lapse sequences, a visual anthropology of the department and an AV presentation. I also displayed some photographs from my Stonehenge: Henge Diggers exhibition displayed in The Manchester Museum earlier in the year.

The tryptich could not, unfortunately, be displayed in full due to one panel being too heavy to hang. It was displayed with the three pairs of panels side-by-side rather than one above the other as they will be mounted in the department.

The photographic prints comprise all the images which will be hung in various labs in the department. These include images relating to landscape survey, osteological and archaeobotanical study, the zooarchaeological reference collection and the material analysis of pot sherds.

The visual poem was the Day in the Life of a Survey Tape which you can see on YouTube.

The time-lapse sequences break down acts of excavation into freeze-frame meditations to highlight the repetitive nature of digging. These too are on YouTube.

The visual anthropology represents a year in the working life of the archaeology department. It brought together all of the photographs in this website’s galleries.

The AV presentation comprised the audio recordings of the staff life stories played alongside photographic images of the members of staff and the tools they chose as most important to their work. One of these, of Mike Parker Pearson, is also on YouTube.

A comments book was kept which provided interesting insights into visitors’ reactions to the exhibition.


About Bill Bevan

Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.
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