Staff Life Stories

John Moreland, Head of Department

I spent the whole day with four members of the department recording interviews and taking their portraits as part of the Life Stories element of the residency. The aim of this sub-project is to develop a typology and chronology of members of staff. Each staff member is asked three questions, required to bring in a tool or piece of equipment they find essential to their work and choose a date or time important to their personal lives as departmental members. The remit is outlines on the Staff Life Stories page.

I began with Bob Johnston and Hannah Russ in May and you can hear and see them by clicking on the links on their names. For the purposes of the blog each person has a portrait, audio file and photograph of their object as evidence of work in progress.

Today I talked to Umberto Albarella, John Bennet, Maureen Carroll and John Moreland. I will add their portraits and audio to the blog once I have edited and developed the images. Some common themes are coming out through the interviews – each archaeologist, despite years of professional work, enthuses on the sense of touching past lives through excavation or research and is passionate about the essential need to communicate their work to audiences.

In asking them to choose and talk about a tool I hope to extend the archaeologist’s interest in ancient artefacts into a self-referencing contemporary arena, while a discussion of date/time provides a time signature to personal biography which will build up into a chronological series of event horizons for the department.

How the final work will be presented will be in responce to the eventual body of evidence that is curated.

Umberto Albarella’s calipers


About Bill Bevan

Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.
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