Space, Labs and Place

I’ve spent most of today looking around the departmental buildings to get an idea of what sorts of things people are doing in different labs and what sort of tools people use. Mike Charles gave me a tour of some of the labs and various people working on bioarchaeological projects who I may be able to work with. I’ve also met up with Roger Doonan to discuss working with him on the MSc’s in Archaeomaterials and Experimental Archaeology including a day at Heeley City Farm for Halloween.

I’ve also planned out a couple of sessions on the MA Landscape Archaeology next semester. Bob has invited me to feed into the assignment whereby students produce a piece of interpretation of a landscape. They’re given a choice of producing something like a podcast, audio trail, web page, leaflet, poster, etc about the landscape. This year they’ll also be offered the chance to create a photo essay and will be asked to include photographs in the other publication formats. We’ll begin with a session on how photographers have evoked a sense of place, ask students to go out into the streets nearby to take photographs that do this, then share them in the class. We’ll also organise a feedback session four weeks later for the photographs they’ve taken on their project landscape.

We’ve also been making the initial plans for the exhibition and day conference on visualising archaeology. We had originally planned to hold these in June but are considering whether September may be better to attract more people to the conference.


About Bill Bevan

Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.
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